Vicki Lowenberger smallAfter going through breast cancer herself, Vicki Lowenberger wanted to give back to make the process easier for others. She interviewed women who had experienced breast cancer and asked them what it was that helped them the most in their healing journey. These Breast Stories were the result. Thank you Vicki, and many thanks to the generous and courageous women who shared their stories.

We would love to hear your story, and what was most helpful to you on your own path to healing. Did you use any of the Mind-Body practices listed here? We’ll then post some of your stories and share them in our monthly ezine. Please add a photo or headshot 500 x 500 pixels or more for us to share. You may also tell us your story through a video recording.

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Nelle Vokram’s Story: Be Proactive

  When I was 63, I had a mammogram that showed an abnormality in my left breast. I subsequently had a fine needle aspiration and biopsy. On December 23rd I had ... more

Ada Mclean’s Story: You Are Not Alone

When I was 52, I had my annual checkup, which included a mammogram. My family doctor’s secretary called me at work and I didn’t get around to returning the call. ... more

Elizabeth Hill’s Story: Have Faith

I found a lump in my left breast six months after having a mammogram that showed calcifications.  A fine needle biopsy determined it was cancer.  I had a lumpectomy and ... more