Orange Power Juice

Submitted by Sanjiwan Kaur The ginger and turmeric in this drink fight inflammation; the beta carotene provides valuable antioxidants; and the black pepper and oil enhance the absorption of turmeric.  

Three Teas for Breast Health

Matcha Green Tea This is my favourite airport drink (I fly a lot). One sip of a green tea latté with soy milk and my whole system experiences a relaxed alertness. ... more

Anti-Inflammatory Foods for Breast Health

Chronic inflammation plays a devastating role in disease. Most degenerative diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimers, auto-immune disease, neurological disease, pulmonary disease and arthritis begin with inflammation. Initially inflammation ... more

Nelle Vokram’s Story: Be Proactive

  When I was 63, I had a mammogram that showed an abnormality in my left breast. I subsequently had a fine needle aspiration and biopsy. On December 23rd I had ... more

Ada Mclean’s Story: You Are Not Alone

When I was 52, I had my annual checkup, which included a mammogram. My family doctor’s secretary called me at work and I didn’t get around to returning the call. ... more