Kick the Bottled Water Habit

Here's why it's worth the effort. To Care for the earth. Bottled water contributes not only to unmindful consumption that depletes our natural resources, but often is flown from exotic locations and ... more

The Healthy Breast Diet

An ultra-healthy complete daily diet to help you in prevention and reduction of the risk of breast cancer. Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. On Rising Powdered greens in water (i.e. 1-3 tsp. Greens +, Pure ... more

Yogi Tea (©Yogi Bhajan)

Yogi Tea is a wonderful year round beverage to aid digestion, improve your immune system, decrease inflammation and warm you up in the winter months with cinnamon and ginger.

Wild Rice & Hijiki

A nourishing side dish with interesting textures and good flavours. If you haven't tried sea vegetables before, the mild flavour of hijiki is a good choice of sea vegetable to ... more

Wakame Salad

Seaweeds are highly alkaline, rich in minerals and iodine, which makes breast tissue less sensitive to estrogen and decreases breast density.

Very Veggie Burgers

These burgers are packed with flavour and anti-cancer benefits: barley, almond butter, and sage are high in Potassium, maintaining cell electrochemical stability and functioning. The tofu provides phytoestrogenic effects of ... more

Tomato Spread

Use on toast, pasta, baked potatoes, or baked tofu.

Tofu Sandwich Spread

This combination of ingredients promotes breath health and is a good source of protein. Keeps refrigerated for 1 week.

Tofu Jazz

This zingy baked tofu dish with loads of garlic and ginger, marinated in lemon juice, is one of my favourites for special occasions. It is also good served cold the ... more

The Healthy Breast Drink

The combination of soy and turmeric in this drink benefits the liver, decreases the harmful effect of pesticides on breast health, and inhibits cancer development or growth. The banana adds ... more