Liver Flush

Liver flush is a love-hate relationship, some love it and some hate it. Check it out and see how you feel. Perhaps don’t try it as you are running out to work just in case you experience nausea, which can be a symptom as the liver detoxifies.

If you have a known sensitivity to oranges use lemons instead. Personally I prefer it unstrained and then it is like a smoothie. Drink daily over an extended period of time to experience its effects. Garlic is an antibacterial, parsley detoxifies the kidneys, oranges have a high content of beta-carotene, turmeric improves liver detoxification.


1/4 c purified or spring water (to facilitate the blending process)
1/4 tsp whole cloves
1 pn cayenne pepper (or a small piece of a fresh jalapeno)
3 springs of parsley
1 clv garlic
2 oranges or tangerines, peeled (cut off the peel and leave the white stuff on and chop into pieces)
1/2 lemon, peeled (cut off the peel and leave the white stuff on and chop into pieces)
2 inches of fresh ginger (peeled)
2 tbsp cold pressed extra virgin olive, flax, or hemp oil
1 tsp turmeric powder


Drink first thing in the morning. Start adding the ingredients listed above one at a time while blending. Add olive oil last. Blend, approximately 1-2 minutes, until smooth. More water may be added if it is too thick.

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