Hiziki Salad


1/2 head romaine lettuce
1/2 cucumber (finely sliced)
1/2 c broccoli, red clover, or alfalfa sprouts
1/2 c parsley (chopped)
1 red pepper (chopped)
1 yellow pepper (chopped)
1/2 medium onion (sliced into thin rings)
1 c cooked hiziki


Wash the hiziki and soak it in warm water for 5 minutes. Place it in a saucepan and boil it for 15-20 minutes in enough water to cover it. Remove from heat, drain and let cool. Slice the hiziki into 2-inch pieces. Break the lettuce leaves into bite-sized pieces. Arrange the vegetables in a bowl and place the hiziki on top.

Serve with tofu salad dressing.

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