Coenzyme Q10, Niacin and Riboflavin in Treating Breast Cancer


Eighty-four breast cancer patients were randomized to receive a daily supplement of 100 mg co-enzyme Q10, 10 mg riboflavin and 50 mg niacin, one dosage per day along with 10 mg tamoxifen twice daily.  The combination caused an increase in DNA repair enzymes and disappearance of DNA methylation (which is recognized as an important component of cancer development), thus offering significant protection and reduction in tumour burden.

The same combination also increased the levels of anti-angiogenic factors and decreased the factors that would cause angiogenesis, or formation of increased blood supply to the tumour. This would also lead to a reduction in tumour burden.

Niacin helps to protect from cancer by stabilizing the DNA in the presence of carcinogens.



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