Siri Indra Kaur is a physiotherapist, osteopathic doctor, certified KRI 1st level Kundalini Yoga teacher, Healthy Breast and Healthy Breast Yoga Educator. Her practice focuses on taking care of breast/ovarian/uterine/prostate cancer survivors, with or without lymphatic diseases.

After taking the 1st level Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, she starts to teach yoga to her patients, firmly believing that Kundalini Yoga is a powerful tool for recovering and maintaining health and psycho-physical wellbeing.

The Healthy Breast Programs enriched her professional skills, to assist her patients in a more holistic way.

She shares MammAlive’s goals and vision and she is committed to spread the Healthy Breast Programs’ guidelines, to empower women globally and reduce breast cancer risk through consciuos choices.


Healthy Breast Foundations – Nuoro, Sardinia 2017

Healthy Breast Yoga Program – Nuoro, Sardinia 2018


Siri Indra Kaur – Ilaria Macherelli

Via del Pigneto 110 D

00176 Roma