In addition to being a Healthy Breast Educator, Raissa has been a Certified Shiatsu Therapist (CST) since 1994 and a Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI) since 1995. She is also a Reiki and Access Bars Practitioner, essential oil educator and teaches workshops in shiatsu self-care, family wellness and couple’s retreats, along with the Healthy Breast Foundations Program in the Greater Toronto Area.

Raissa’s varied background also includes many years of dance training, a university degree in theatre, and training in psychodrama. She is also a published writer in both fiction and non-fiction.

One of Raissa’s visions has always been to help create a more nurturing and compassionate society, through reinforcing the value of respectful touch as a basic need and right within our family relationships.

 A self-described family eco-wellness guide, she has a passion for protecting the environment, and has always supported a variety of environmental charities including Pollution Probe, Friends of the Earth, the David Suzuki Foundation and Environmental Defence Canada. She is most concerned about how the state of our bodies is a direct reflection of the way we have been treating our planet for generations. 

Since her certification as a breast health educator, she has become a board member and has served as Chair of environmental activism for several years. She loves teaching people how to create a healthier home by reducing their exposure to toxins and EMF’s.

Raissa’s practice serves the Durham region. She lives in Oshawa with her husband and is the mother of two young adults.






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