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Mazeena Rafi travelled to Pakistan in January 2017 to give introductory workshops in the Healthy Breast Program in several locations.

Regional Goals

Goals 2018
1. Promote  Mammalive program to three main hospitals, three most important NGO’s, three Govt organization, health care groups n individuals in Pakistan.
2. Approach potential sponsors and discuss the future opportunity of SatDharams visit to Pakistan anytime in 2019-2020
3. Encourage Pakistani/South Asian women to take online foundations courses and become Associate members/ educators
4. Start teaching first two modules of Breast Health program to South Asian women  in Mississauga/Toronto, 3-5, 1 hour workshops on 12 tips/12 teas
5. Urdu translation of the BH registration form, handouts/ flyers.
6. First two modules of HB Foundations program

Regional Coordinator



Regional Coordinator for Pakistan, Healthy Breast Educator, Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher RYT-200

Mazeena serves as the Regional Coordinator for Pakistan. She organized and facilitated a series of Introductory workshops on Breast Health and women’s general health and well being in Pakistan in 2014-2017. She lives in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada but also teaches the Healthy Breast Program in Pakistan. Mazeena is a certified Reiki Master ... more

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 647-926-5759