Tips for Teens: The Power of Words

teens in circle shout med

Words are powerful! Words can heal or hurt, soothe or scar. Words can change the world, and often have.  Words can be erased from a piece of paper or deleted from a computer, but they are very difficult to remove from our hearts. Social media makes it easy to send words out without carefully considering the effect they may have on the person receiving a text or reading a Facebook comment. You own your words: Make them count!

Here are five tips for making your words powerful and peaceful:

  1. The next time you speak, text, email, or post a comment, ask yourself if your words are kind, and consider the impact they may have.
  2. What style of music do you listen to? Are the lyrics uplifting or harsh and violent? Choose music that fills your heart with love and makes you feel inspired and joyful.
  3. Words can heal. Next time a friend is feeling down, use words that comfort and support such as “You can do it!”  “You are brave!” or “You are bountiful, blissful, and beautiful!”
  4. Before you speak in anger, take a few deep breaths and calm yourself. Choose words that won’t cause harm to yourself or to another.
  5. Before you press “send,” think about whether your words will heal or hurt. Choose non-violent communication. Be a force of positive word-power in your world!

“Talk to everybody with reverence.

Listen to everybody with reverence.

Say things with reverence.

You will always be happy and graceful” — Yogi Bhajan 

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