Prayer, Breast Cancer and Collective Consciousness


Prayer heals us spiritually. Often we turn to prayer in times of crisis or illness. It helps us psychologically through difficult times, though it may not outwardly change a particular situation or reverse disease. If you are ill and prayer does not reverse your illness, even though you are doing the best you can through conventional and complementary medicine and psychological change, consider the following:

Spiritual growth is not necessarily proportional to an improvement in physical health. Poor physical health, however, is often the gate through which we pass to explore our spirituality. Illness can be a path of purification for the mind, body, and spirit. We can live fully, even as our body is dying. Release attachment to the outcome and accept “what is” with gratitude, and mine all you can from the process. Attachment to the body can get in the way of healing. Live your life with reverence and acceptance of each moment, even if it is uncomfortable, AND while doing all you can to heal on all levels.

We are all interconnected on this planet and are held in the collective magnetic field of the earth. The earth is a living organism with it’s own intelligence. One woman’s illness can emerge from the collective karma of humans at this time. Breast cancer is not one woman’s disease – it is a global phenomenon. Women all around the world are being asked, through the diagnosis of breast cancer, to sacrifice something so that humanity may purify and evolve in consciousness. Breast cancer may be a spiritual necessity for women globally to unite in creating change in their own lives, locales and in the collective consciousness. Breast cancer can be the catalyst for a global revolution of women activated by purpose and prayer. The interconnectedness of all beings reminds us of the important role each of us can play to affect others near and distant across time. If we listen to and obey our soul’s calling we will magnify the bank of collective meaning and purpose which in turn transforms humanity. Many of us will recognize each other and connect with a common understanding, because we are guided to do so.

– Sat Dharam Kaur ND, excerpted from the Healthy Breast Foundations Program

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