I can honestly say this was a life changing course. I have greater knowledge upon which to make informed choices for my health and well being. It was helpful to participate in a group. I am truly grat… Read more


“Sat Dharam has been an amazing guide on many levels. She helped me navigate through a lot of conflicting information about breast cancer and helped me to understand how to go forward with the “right … Read more


I loved the yoga, it exceeded any expectations I could have had. The group dynamic also helped me make the retreat an unforgettable experience.


The dietary info was big for me. It was something I knew but going through the info sparked something in me. The mindfulness has already become a daily part of my life. I wish I had it years ago to de… Read more


The Healthy Breast Program is a clarion call to all women who want to take charge of their health. Like many women today, one of my greatest fears is of developing breast cancer. Taking Sat Dharam’s… Read more

Sherry Leblanc, dance and fitness instructor

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