Earth as Matriarch

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Our 4.6 billion year old earth is a closed, living system, not unlike a cell or an organism, just on a larger and much older scale. Life began around 3.75 billion years ago when the biosphere was created, an ever changing parade of some 30 billion species[i] living and dying, borrowing for brief moments the elements of earth to fulfill the breath of their existence. We recycle the elements of earth in our bodies as they have been recycled for billions of years in the bodies of our predecessors.

The quality of the air, the mineral and nutritional balance of the soil and our food, the purity of our water, and the assortment of bacteria and fungi within us partially determines the make-up and health of our physical bodies from the moment of conception onward. The environment is our collective mother. In reaching for optimal health, we need to take part in the cleansing and renewal of the soil, water and air, both in our bodies and on our planet.

Clean water, clean air, non-toxic soil, and organic food – these are the building blocks of a healthy future.

I am fortunate in that the spring water I drink is filtered through Niagara Escarpment rock, the land we grow our food on has not been sprayed, and the air where I live is much cleaner than most. I have selected my dwelling place for these reasons, and I am able to do so. But what of the multitudes of people and species who cannot, whose bodies must adapt or become diseased because of pollutants?

It is for these reasons that I established the Healthy Breast Program as an educational system to learn how to avoid and reverse the effects or environmental toxins on our health.

– Sat Dharam Kaur ND

[i] Leakey, R. and Lewin, R. The Sixth Extinction. Patterns of Life and the Future of Humankind. 1995. Random House. Toronto, Canada. p.39.

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