Healthy Breast Foundations Online Webinar Series

About This Course

The Healthy Breast Foundations Program is a stand alone program for optimizing breast health and preventing breast cancer. It consists of 12 hour-long recorded powerpoint webinars with Sat Dharam Kaur ND guiding you through the many facets of breast health – hormonal, environmental, dietary, nutritional, psychological and spiritual. Each of the twelve modules includes a home practice program. In addition to the recorded webinars, you will meet live on Zoom each week with Dr. Priya Duggal for a discussion of the module. This will provide you with an opportunity to ask questions and share your experience in integrating the module material.

You will be able to connect to others who have taken the program before via a closed Healthy Breast Program Facebook Group.

You will also have access to 12 online meditation videos led by Sat Dharam Kaur as part of the course.

The weekly in-person zoom call module discussions with naturopathic doctor and breast specialist, Dr. Priya Duggal, will be offered Fridays from 9 – 10 am ET (Toronto time).

The weekly live discussions will give you an opportunity to ask questions, share your experiences, and integrate the material.


Course Outline

This format of the Healthy Breast Foundations Program is an Online course consisting of 12 modules.

Weekly live zoom calls with Dr. Priya Duggal will occur on Fridays from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. ET (Toronto time) for a lively discussion of the weekly module.

  1. Understand the pattern of breast cancer globally
  2. Discover the top twelve tips for breast health and other protective intervention strategies
  3. Evaluate your personal risk factors and protective factors in relationship to breast health
  4. Integrate an exercise regimen into your life
  5. Learn breathing practices to promote healing
  6. Make a conscious choice about improving your health
  1. Become comfortable with your breasts
  2. Learn breast self-examination
  3. Explore emotional states linked with breast health
  4. Become familiar with common breast screening techniques and diagnostic metabolic tests
  5. Learn Kundalini Yoga exercises for breast health and emotional balance
  1. Discover how to improve lymphatic circulation
  2. Understand lymphedema and how to prevent it
  3. Learn how movement supports the lymphatic drainage of our breasts
  4. Learn and practice breast self-massage
  5. Develop a self-care routine to improve lymphatic drainage
  1. Develop a basic understanding of hormones and their relationship to breast health
  2. Recognize personal causes of hormonal imbalance and how to address them
  3. Create and implement your personal Hormone Balancing Plan
  4. Learn a meditation to help induce sleep and raise melatonin levels
  1. Become familiar with the environmental risks to breast cancer and reduce your exposure
  2. Understand the effects of electromagnetic fields and radiation on health
  3. Recognize environmental contaminants and how to protect yourself from them
  4. Develop your own environmental protection action plan
  5. Learn and practice yoga and meditation to strengthen your magnetic field
  1. Transition to a Healthy Breast Diet, focussing on consuming the top 20 breast-friendly foods
  2. Learn which foods contain cancer fighting phytochemicals
  3. Learn about the fabulous five phytoestrogens
  4. Learn which foods help to maintain ideal blood sugar levels
  5. Learn which spices help to inactivate cancer promoting genes
  6. Learn which foods and spices have the most antioxidants
  7. Keep track of your diet success with the Dietary Checklist
  8. Know which foods contain the most pesticides and which are safer to eat
  9. Learn and practice Kundalini Yoga exercises to regulate appetite
  1. Learn to optimize blood sugar levels
  2. Learn to optimize pH levels
  3. Learn how to decrease inflammation
  4. Restore a healthy gut microbiome
  5. Discover the Top 16 Supplements for Breast Health
  6. Increase tissue oxygenation with breathing exercises
  7. Create your personal supplement regimen
  1. Understand the natural process of detoxification
  2. Learn the six phases of toxicity
  3. Discover how to detox heavy metals and chemicals
  4. Develop a simple detox regimen that works for you
  5. Explore and discard limiting beliefs, replacing them with healthy beliefs
  6. Learn to acknowledge and release anger.
  7. Identify other unhealthy emotional and thought patterns and transform them.
  1. Discover the components of your immune system and how to empower them
  2. Reconnect with the wisdom of your body
  3. Explore the mind/body interface in health and healing
  4. Develop your capacity to listen to your body and recognize the signs of doing too much
  5. Develop the capacity to be assertive
  6. Create healing imagery and use it to replace self-destructive thoughts
  7. Use visualization to support your immune system
  1. Redefine what calls you
  2. Uncover your interests, passions and gifts
  3. Create a destiny statement
  4. Imagine seeds of possibility for your future
  5. Create a wellness mala
  6. Create a Meaning Mandala
  7. Conquer any perceived limitations
  1. Develop an attitude of gratitude
  2. Create your personal altar
  3. Invoke a healing dream
  4. Use a gratitude journal
  5. Rediscover prayer as a means for connection and healing
  6. Discover a gateway to the spirit through illness
  1. Gain a new perspective on health and illness
  2. Become familiar with the Environmental Creed
  3. Design and commit to a daily spiritual practice
  4. Piece together your personal toolkit for self-healing
  5. Become an active participant in your health-care
  6. Assemble your support team of healthcare allies


Healthy Breast Foundations Online, begins April 12, 2024

Dr. Priya Duggal ND, is a licensed and registered naturopathic doctor, compassionate inquiry practitioner, kundalini yoga teacher and a healthy breast practitioner. She is passionate to educate women and girls globally to optimize their breast health. Her focus is to implement the Youth Outreach Program to specifically reach out to ... more

The course is very well organized and offers in-depth material that benefits all women, regardless of whether breast cancer has affected their lives or not.  I highly recommend it!


Location & Dates

Online, Anywhere worldwide

In the online 12 week webinar series, you will study one module per week accompanied by a manual, 12 pre-recorded webinars with weekly group facilitation led by Dr. Priya Duggal and a home practice program.

  • Module 1: Introduction to the Healthy Breast Program

  • Module 2: Get to Know Your Breasts

  • Module 3: Improve Lymphatic Circulation

  • Module 4: Make Sense of the Hormone Puzzle

  • Module 5: Heal Yourself, Heal the Earth

  • Module 6: Foods for Breast Health

  • Module 7: Nutritional Strategies for Breast Health

  • Module 8: Detoxify Your Whole Body

  • Module 9: Empower Your Immune System

  • Module 10: Ignite Your Passion and Purpose

  • Module 11: Live with Gratitude, Intuition and Prayer

  • Module 12: Let Your Radiance Shine


Full course: $400 + HST

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