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Mazeena Rafi travelled to Pakistan in January 2017 to give introductory workshops in the Healthy Breast Program in several locations.

Regional Goals

  1. To organize and facilitate Introductory/Informative Healthy breast workshops for Pakistani women, using the 31 Breast Health Tips presentation and yoga exercises from Modules 1 and 2.
  2. Expand present women’s Network, contact NGO’s, hospitals, hair salons. Find sponsors for 2017 October campaign in Pakistan and to invite Sat Dharam Kaur to teach HB program in Pakistan in 2018 Fall.
  3. Translate Healthy Breast foundations power point presentation in Urdu.Make videos for at least 5 tips in Urdu.
  4. Encourage women in Pakistan to take Online HB program, become members and get involved with the outreach and networking.

Regional Coordinator



Regional Coordinator for Pakistan, Healthy Breast Educator, Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher RYT-200

Mazeena Rafi serves on the MammAlive Foundation Board of Directors. She organized and facilitated a series of Introductory workshops on Breast Health and women’s general health and well being in Pakistan in 2014-2017. She lives in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada but also teaches the Healthy Breast Program in Pakistan. Mazeena is a certified ... more

Phone: 647-926-5759