Healthy Breast Foundations Program

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Join Sat Dharam Kaur in beautiful Italy for a weekend away to nurture YOU and the Divine Feminine within.

Take time to revitalize and learn healthy lifestyle choices to nourish a vibrant body and spirit. Balance your hormones, cleanse your body, develop a spiritual practice and reduce your risk of common ailments, including breast disease, thyroid imbalance, PMS, infertility and adrenal fatigue. Every woman (and even men) can benefit from the Healthy Breast Program – it will inform and guide you to make lasting changes in diet and lifestyle that will help sustain you, your family and Mother Earth.

The Healthy Breast Foundations Program is a stand alone program for optimizing health and reducing breast cancer risk. (For men it will also reduce prostate cancer risk). It is the introductory course for the Healthy Breast Program, and is the prerequisite for the Healthy Breast Practitioner’s Program and Healthy Breast Yoga Teacher Training Program, which are geared towards licensed health practitioners and anyone interested in yoga applications for breast health, respectively. It consists of 12 modules with Sat Dharam Kaur ND guiding you through the many facets of breast health – hormonal, environmental, dietary, nutritional, psychological and spiritual. Each of the twelve modules includes a home practice program.

Many people who take the program are inspired to become Healthy Breast Educators, and then teach the program to other women to improve their health and help reduce the global incidence of breast cancer. We invite you to join our international community supporting and empowering women and contributing to a healthier planet.

Before or after the weekend workshop, you may also like to explore beautiful Italy.


Unisciti a Sat Dharam Kaur nella bellissima Italia per un fine settimana in cui nutrire TE e il Divino Femminile dentro di te.

Prenditi del tempo in un posto lontano per rivitalizzarti e imparare a fare scelte di vita salutari per nutrire il corpo e lo spirito. Bilancia i tuoi ormoni, purifica il tuo corpo, sviluppa una pratica spirituale e riduci il rischio di disturbi comuni, inclusi malattie del seno, squilibrio della tiroide, sindrome premestruale, infertilità e affaticamento surrenale.

Ogni donna (e uomo) può beneficiare del “Programma per la Salute del Seno” – questo informerà e guiderà l’utente ad apportare cambiamenti duraturi nella dieta e nello stile di vita che aiuteranno a sostenere voi stessi, la vostra famiglia e la Madre Terra.

Il Programma di Base per la Salute del Seno è un programma studiato per ottimizzare la salute e ridurre il rischio di cancro al seno. (Per gli uomini aiuterà a ridurre il rischio di cancro alla prostata). E’ questo il corso introduttivo per il  Programma seno sano , ed è propedeutico per il  Programma del praticante del Seno Sano e del Corso di Formazione per Insegnanti del Programma del Seno Sano, studiati rispettivamente per operatori sanitari autorizzati e chiunque sia interessato all’utilizzo dello yoga per la salute del seno. È composto di 12 moduli tenuti da Sat Dharam Kaur ND che guida l’utente attraverso le molteplici sfaccettature della salute del seno – ormonali, ambientali, alimentari, nutrizionali, psicologiche e spirituali. Ciascuno dei dodici moduli include un programma di pratica a casa.

Molte persone che seguono il programma sono ispirate a diventare “Educatrici per la salute del seno”, per poi insegnare il programma ad altre donne, migliorare la loro salute e contribuire a ridurre l’incidenza globale di cancro al seno. Vi invitiamo a far parte della nostra comunità internazionale di sostegno ed emancipazione delle donne e a contribuire per avere un pianeta più sano.

Prima o dopo il fine settimana del workshop, si può anche visitare la splendida Italia.

Course Outline

  1. Understand the pattern of breast cancer globally
  2. Discover the top twelve tips for breast health and other protective intervention strategies
  3. Evaluate your personal risk factors and protective factors in relationship to breast health
  4. Integrate an exercise regimen into your life
  5. Learn breathing practices to promote healing
  6. Make a conscious choice about improving your health
  1. Become comfortable with your breasts
  2. Learn breast self-examination
  3. Explore emotional states linked with breast health
  4. Become familiar with common breast screening techniques and diagnostic metabolic tests
  5. Learn Kundalini Yoga exercises for breast health and emotional balance
  1. Discover how to improve lymphatic circulation
  2. Understand lymphedema and how to prevent it
  3. Learn how movement supports the lymphatic drainage of our breasts
  4. Learn and practice breast self-massage
  5. Develop a self-care routine to improve lymphatic drainage
  1. Develop a basic understanding of hormones and their relationship to breast health
  2. Recognize personal causes of hormonal imbalance and how to address them
  3. Create and implement your personal Hormone Balancing Plan
  4. Learn a meditation to help induce sleep and raise melatonin levels
  1. Become familiar with the environmental risks to breast cancer and reduce your exposure
  2. Understand the effects of electromagnetic fields and radiation on health
  3. Recognize environmental contaminants and how to protect yourself from them
  4. Develop your own environmental protection action plan
  5. Learn and practice yoga and meditation to strengthen your magnetic field
  1. Transition to a Healthy Breast Diet, focussing on consuming the top 20 breast-friendly foods
  2. Learn which foods contain cancer fighting phytochemicals
  3. Learn about the fabulous five phytoestrogens
  4. Learn which foods help to maintain ideal blood sugar levels
  5. Learn which spices help to inactivate cancer promoting genes
  6. Learn which foods and spices have the most antioxidants
  7. Keep track of your diet success with the Dietary Checklist
  8. Know which foods contain the most pesticides and which are safer to eat
  9. Learn and practice Kundalini Yoga exercises to regulate appetite
  1. Learn to optimize blood sugar levels
  2. Learn to optimize pH levels
  3. Learn how to decrease inflammation
  4. Restore a healthy gut microbiome
  5. Discover the Top 16 Supplements for Breast Health
  6. Increase tissue oxygenation with breathing exercises
  7. Create your personal supplement regimen
  1. Understand the natural process of detoxification
  2. Learn the six phases of toxicity
  3. Discover how to detox heavy metals and chemicals
  4. Develop a simple detox regimen that works for you
  5. Explore and discard limiting beliefs, replacing them with healthy beliefs
  6. Learn to acknowledge and release anger.
  7. Identify other unhealthy emotional and thought patterns and transform them.
  1. Discover the components of your immune system and how to empower them
  2. Reconnect with the wisdom of your body
  3. Explore the mind/body interface in health and healing
  4. Develop your capacity to listen to your body and recognize the signs of doing too much
  5. Develop the capacity to be assertive
  6. Create healing imagery and use it to replace self-destructive thoughts
  7. Use visualization to support your immune system
  1. Redefine what calls you
  2. Uncover your interests, passions and gifts
  3. Create a destiny statement
  4. Imagine seeds of possibility for your future
  5. Create a wellness mala
  6. Create a Meaning Mandala
  7. Conquer any perceived limitations
  1. Develop an attitude of gratitude
  2. Create your personal altar
  3. Invoke a healing dream
  4. Use a gratitude journal
  5. Rediscover prayer as a means for connection and healing
  6. Discover a gateway to the spirit through illness
  1. Gain a new perspective on health and illness
  2. Become familiar with the Environmental Creed
  3. Design and commit to a daily spiritual practice
  4. Piece together your personal toolkit for self-healing
  5. Become an active participant in your health-care
  6. Assemble your support team of healthcare allies


Healthy Breast Foundations Program, Caserta, Italy, Oct 26-28, 2018

Sat Dharam is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher trainer and instructor, author, and naturopathic doctor practicing in Owen Sound, Ontario. She has studied Kundalini Yoga with Yogi Bhajan since 1976 and has facilitated teacher training programs in Toronto (ON), Canmore (AB), and New Mexico. She developed the Beyond Addiction program ... more

“Material was massive – covering many topics/areas of interest that were most helpful. From daily nutrition, hormones, nutritional support, detox, all the symptoms to lymphatic drainage was helpful – my concern was lymphatic drainage so I appreciated the helpful presentation.” ~ E.F.


Certification is available to you to become a Healthy Breast Educator after completion of the course and after handing in the written assignments relevant to each of the twelve modules, as well as a video of you teaching one full module to a client or group.

Location & Dates

Location: Centro Yoga L’Arnia, Caserta, Italy
Dates: Oct 26-28, 2018


Contact Guru Shabad Kaur at 329 636-4690 or for further information

Full course: € 350,00

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